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Neva Meetings & Events was started in 2010 by Anna Clark, a certified meeting professional (CMP).  With over 15 years’ experience as both an in-house corporate event planner and a third-party outsourced management planner, Ms. Clark brings a unique level of talent and exposure with extensive experience in Corporate America.

Cost Control

The ability to control costs associated with events is a critical foundation of Neva Meetings & Events that enables the delivery of events that exceed the goals of the client while adhering to strict budget limitations. 

Commitment to Transparency

Neva Meetings & Events is committed to conducting business in a manner that complies with Sarbanes Oxley and other applicable laws and is consistent with the highest ethical standards.  There is a consistent focus on complete transparency in all communication and financial aspects of the event planning process.


Obtaining a deep level of trust and open communication with the client is a key foundation that enables Neva Meetings & Events to act as an extension of your team and maintain a level of integrity throughout the planning process. 

“With my experience in the corporate world, I am able to stand in my client’s shoes and share their perspective as a member of a corporation with obligations to the shareholders and the bottom-line.  As a result, I value and respect the procurement process that is driven by internal stakeholders and work with them to find the best value for the client while keeping in mind the overall result of the event’s objective. I am proficient in budgeting and reducing spend as needed, making each dollar spent a two-dollar experience for the attendee and I consistently deliver superior results under budget. Most importantly I know that every meeting has to bring value either by educating customers, enabling the field to sell, motivating and rewarding the hard work of employees and partners, or building relationships for future gain.

MISSION:  My passion is creating outcomes that are impactful and lasting for the attendees and I strive to be innovative in my approach creating inspired and intelligent events with integrity.”

- Anna Clark, CMP (President  & Owner)

Anna Clark


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