Initial Details & Data Collection

It all comes down to purpose, and determining the purpose
of an event and creating clear goals and measurable objectives is the most important step in planning a compelling event. 
We will work with you to determine your objectives for the meeting or event: What is the goal of the event? Who is the audience? What are the measurable elements to determine
its success?
During this step, Neva Meetings will:

Contract for Scope of Services

This phase of the process includes determining the specific areas that Neva Meetings & Events will assist and manage throughout the event timeline. Once this is decided, we submit a contract for our services which ranges from one area of need (e.g. hotel sourcing) to managing the event in its entirety.  We will also confirm the areas in which the client is responsible, detail the management fees and outline a deposit schedule.

Pre-Event Planning Phase

During this phase, Neva Meetings & Events will:

Develop a minute by minute overview of the entire event so that all decisions are kept on track until all “i”s are dotted and the last “t” is crossed.

Event Operations

Once on-site, the Neva team makes sure that all aspects of your event run in perfect harmony.  Issues and unknown factors are a reality in every meeting, but the reaction to these issues is the key to the success of the event.  Our team keeps detailed documentation regarding any changes onsite to help anticipate any unknown scenarios or effects on the budget.   We make sure it happens flawlessly!

Final Bill Reconciliation

Once the event is complete, we take the original estimated budget to compare with the actual spend for the meeting.  Over the last decade, our average variation between estimated and actual budgets is less than 3 percent – something in which we take great pride!

Post-Event Debrief/ROI

Neva Meetings & Events strives for perfection however no event is ever perfect and every event can improve.  We take time after each event to evaluate the successes of the event as well as any opportunities for improvement with the key stakeholders so that the next event can be one step closer to perfection.

The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with,
but whether it is the same problem you had last year.   

- John Foster Dulles

        Neva Meetings and Events
Our Methodology

Neva Meetings & Events is focused on providing a unique, customized experience with motivational outcomes.

Every event is unique, each with its own challenges and moments of brilliance …however for every event, an underlying process prevails.



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