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Anna, I want to thank you for making me look good!! You are the best meeting planner I’ve ever met – you perform your job with grace and style. When you might be stressed to the max you make your client feel like everything is OK and under control (which I’m sure it is!). You are comforting, efficient, a pleasure to be around and awesome at what you do. I feel blessed that you were sent my way – I have very good angels!!

          - Brenda Bott, Executive Assistant, Crocs Retail, Inc.

Neva Meetings & Events did an amazing job with the Crocs, Inc. Holiday party in 2010. Anna took on the task of creating an amazing, memorable event with only a few short weeks to plan.  She took our ideas and minimal budget and combined that with her understanding of the business, creativity, extensive knowledge of meeting planning and passion for designing a truly unique, special event and designed an superlative event- one unlike we have ever seen before.  Neva Meetings & Events will be planning many more events for Crocs in the future!"

           - Katie Roof  Director, Human Resources at Crocs, Inc

Anna is a remarkable planner – She is organized, detailed and very innovative in her approach to getting the most for our dollar without diminishing the experience for the attendees.   In 2009, our sales incentive budget was cut by 75% and Anna stepped in and provided a luxurious and unique experience for all of the attendees while working well within our budget constraints.  The attendees came away from the event feeling wowed!  Anna changed the way we look at our incentives going forward, changing the emphasis to creating a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience for our well-deserved cream of the crop.

          - Director of Communications at a global telecom company

I cannot say enough about the exemplary qualifications that Anna Clark possesses as an event planner. I have worked with Anna for many years, most recently on an International Sales Meeting for a retail company and she is very detailed, unflappable and is always pleasant to deal with, while focusing on the ultimate goal of a successful event. In the face of numerous challenges, she keeps a positive attitude and throughout the event production process, she keeps a calm demeanor in the face of very stressful situations.  I cannot stress enough the benefits of working with a true professional like Anna."

          - Chuck Barry, Executive Producer, Big Dog Productions

Anna is the best at events. Her knowledge and energy always shows when you work with her on a very busy daily schedule. Budgets and clients are what she exceeds at and has always been a credit to the company and what she can bring to the "Show". A pleasure to work with anytime!

          - Eunice Bergin, Executive Administration, Vignette Corporation

Anna has a strong sense of organization and exercises great judgment in stressful times. She successfully juggles an enormous number of things simultaneously with an impressive ability to keep an appropriate sense of the various priorities and things simply don’t fall between the cracks. She deals in an ethical and straightforward fashion with people and exhibits a thorough understanding of the entire marketing events business. She works incredible hours, is seemingly tireless and does not lose her enthusiasm even after long hard stretches of work. Anna knows precisely what she is doing. 

         - Don Roedner, Director of Marketing, Vignette Corporation

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